Company Overview

Living Walls of Andromeda DistrictOur objective is to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural world through our sustainable green living designs and products. Today, our world needs more natural and pure products for our overall health and wellness. Our fast paced modern society that we live in has driven us to develop green solutions that can counteract the negative effects of urbanization. Our living walls were born after several studies on how we could adapt plants to limited spaces in metropolitan areas. By incorporating our system into new & existing construction, we create spaces that are cleaner and healthier for occupants and the environment. Our aim is to merge our collective efforts with top developers, construction professionals, landscape designers, architectural firms, and interior designers to capitalize on this worthy sustainable opportunity, thus, giving back to our planet.

History of Andromeda District

Green Walls of History

The past tends to teach us how to proceed in life. Old traditions and tales written, shown or demonstrated, helps when continuing a legacy—one in which us at Andromeda District (AD) are continuing in our own way. On the surface, we plant green walls and work with the soil. As you dig deeper a better understanding of what we’re about emerges.

Before our company came to fruition, ancient man developed techniques and spawned new ideas in the arts and sciences of agriculture. One of them was the “Hanging Gardens” of Babylon, developed either before or after the Assyrian empire took over around 690 B.C.E. These vertical walls of legend were said to be fueled by sophisticated aqueduct systems, and recognized as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Throughout time many dynasties, empires, kingdoms, and governments tried creating their own versions—each on various scales and for separate purposes.

Contemporary efforts are initiatives provided by governments or businesses looking to help make the world greener and cleaner. In fact Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, recently approved and implemented vertical gardens to be placed on 1,000 pillars along their busiest highway networks. It’s been reported that “different kinds of plants are planted inside the ‘pockets’ of felt to make the city greener and its air cleaner. The hydroponic system collects rainwater to cover its needs…equipped with sensors to allow its remote monitoring.” From South Korea on down to here in South Florida, the need to beautify and provide clean air is a major concern. My family, since the late 1890s, has been part of sustainable planting that helps with our atmosphere as well as people’s diets.

The Legacy of William Taylor

Our origins can be traced back to an Englishman from Oregon named William “Bill” Taylor. He took a big risk in 1893 when the US decided to invest in farming throughout Central America, producing fruits and vegetables. In the early 20th century, large scale agricultural projects from the US moved to Honduras. Our great-grandfather became one of those planters who made a living laboring in the dirt.

By the 1940s, Honduras partnered with corporations such as Chiquita, and the US military, in order to grow materials and foods needed for World War II. They also supplied the demands of American consumers. Around this time, William Taylor’s son learned how to grow trees, sustain plant life and master the agricultural business as a whole. Later on, two of Mr. Taylor’s grandkids, Arturo and Norma Taylor, started a business of their own selling plant holders which they evolved into creating fully sustainable eco-systems for customers.

The Future of AD

Today, the great-grandchildren of William continue to till the soil, but more utilize our skills solving construction problems by adding a particular aesthetic to a building’s architecture. Andromeda District is here to create green spaces where plants can bring life to a cold corporate setting, or a sense of adventure to those staying at a hotel. AD is a family owned business, driven by mostly second generation Honduran-Americans serious about maintaining a healthy balance between modern development and nature.

With our 125 years of knowledge and experience, not only can we place plants that return healthy oxygen into our air on your walls, AD can implant growing herbs and spices you could put into your meals, further showing the diverse forms sustainability takes. We’re heavily focused on products that can connect people back to their agrarian roots, before industrial and then technological living grew to such massive scales. All of us are responsible for the well-being of this planet. AD is doing its part by aiding in your healthier life choices with our expertise in vertical green walls. Let us help each other keep the Earth beautiful for centuries to come.