About Us

Living Walls of Andromeda DistrictOur mission at Andromeda District is to reincorporate nature into our everyday lives. Just as plants need the sun to grow, humans require constant contact with natural environments to develop and flourish. Our technological advances in the world of living architecture function as an inhaler for the congestion experienced within most cities, workplaces, and communal residences.

Our Story

Andromeda District is the culmination of 125 years of commitment by the Taylor family. Patriarch William Taylor participated in large scale agricultural projects sponsored by the U.S. Government in Central America and his descendants are continuing his legacy today with a modern twist. We utilize our familial tradition of agriculture and dedication to “green” design to revitalize the living and workspaces of today.

Our Vision

By 2030 we believe every office building, apartment complex, and commercial property should be equipped with a sustainable green wall or vertical garden. Long gone are the days of the tacky, artificial office plants. We want to remove the barrier between indoors and outdoors by introducing low-maintenance, elegant, and effective solutions into our shared spaces.

How We Do It

Sustainable designs and intelligent construction methods distinguish our living walls amongst the competition. We work with you each step of the way to guarantee the ending product is not only beautiful but also functional, renewable, and low – maintenance.

We have streamlined the process to minimize business and/or residential interruptions. In as few as two days, you can transform your space into an oasis. Our installment process typically spans the course of two days, however; larger custom projects could require additional time.Our versatile six-step process is adaptable to the client’s needs, from small herb gardens to large commercial living walls.

Design Consultation

We begin by assessing the needs of the clients. An experienced member of our design team consults with you to map out an initial draft of the project. Typical points to be discussed are related to the size of the living wall, potential vegetation choices, color schemes, plant density,edibility requirements, and price point.

Wall Panel Mounting

When the brainstorming session is complete and the designs are finalized, we send in our experienced crew to begin mounting the wall panels. We have installed over 120,000 sq. ft. of paneling to date and make sure to respect your property during the installation.

Running of the Irrigation Line

After mounting the panels, we run the irrigation lines to prepare for the plants. Each panel is equipped with irrigation tubing connected to a smart timer and water source to ensure a low-maintenance, well-fed vertical garden ecosystem.

Introduce Plants to Soil

Everyone’s favorite step (ours included): we transport the pre-approved plants from our dedicated horticulturists to the site and begin bringing the garden to life. The plants are delicately planted following the initial design aesthetic and then groomed to size.

Drainage Connection

When the plants are set and pruned to perfection, we connect the drainage system to establish a fully functioning garden. Our drainage methods employ low waste strategies to utilize each drop of water to its maximum potential.

Full Ecosystem Check

We bring in our designer and horticulturist to make sure the garden is well irrigated with proper drainage. The PH of the garden is verified so that your new living wall thrives for years to come. We also develop a preventive maintenance plan with the clients to guarantee a thriving garden.

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