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Featured Green Wall: Aventura Library THE LOCATION Aventura Library 2930 NE 199th St The newly remodeled Aventura library is open for eager readers again after suffering significant damage during Hurricane Wilma in 2005. For several years, the library was housed in the Aventura Government Center which required a security check each visit. Committed to providing the

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People often look for ways to keep a little extra cash in their wallets. Here are 10 ways you can save money and help the environment while doing so. 1.    Change your Lightbulbs to Energy Efficient CFL or LED Bulbs On average 12 percent of a homeowner’s energy expenses goes towards lighting. An inexpensive and easy

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Why Do Green Living Walls Matter?

Green Living Walls are not a new concept; people might know the better as vertical gardens. A Green Living Wall is a system of panels that hold plants onto a wall. This basic idea creates beautiful works of art, like the vertical garden on the right A BRIEF HISTORY LESSON Green walls can trace their

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