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The Letter of Apology of Mother Nature

DEAR MOTHER NATURE On behalf of an ashamed and badly-behaving world, we are sorry. We have made, and are continuing to make, a mess of this planet. We have ignored the warning signs all around us. We are seeing the demise of the bee population and we are heartbroken about the over one million species

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants

I won’t bore you with the hundreds of research projects done in the last ten years that definitively show plants as vitally important to the health of every human being, animal, and organism. I’ll just mention that including live plants in your indoor environment accomplishes many goals, including: Lowering your risk of illness Helping you

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Using Biophilia to Design a Better Learning Environment

Biophilia is the innate connection between human and nature. Biophilic design integrates nature and natural elements, materials and forms into architecture and interiors. As an example, St. White’s Primary School in England found inspiration in their surrounding landscape and wanted to create a nature-infused space to reconnect their students with the outdoors. Their new building

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