Green Living Walls for Your Business

Our patented green wall ™eco-System was engineered to be practical, cost-effective and allow your imagination to come together with nature to enjoy green organic art while positively impacting your environment. Our green walls are ideal for businesses, hotels, restaurants and more. We have highly trained staff to help you with all of your needs. They are available for one-on-one consultations and are quickly able to fit the living wall to your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can serve your projects at

Benefits of Green Living Walls

Green Living Walls for Your Business Andromeda District

  • Studies prove the positive effects of indoor plants on outcomes relevant to the effectiveness and well-being of office workers.
  • Living walls increase oxygen levels in indoor spaces; plants naturally reduce the level of chemical compounds in the air.
  • Plants improve the often polluted air indoors/ outdoors.
  • Green walls help keep temperatures down while reducing energy costs.
  • Automatic built-in irrigation system
  • Our living walls not only make the area better for your health and lower your spending, but they are also fully customizable to fit your vision.
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