Green Walls Features & Benefits

Green Living Walls Andromeda District

  • Practical 1-day efficient installation
  • Fiberglass modules (lifetime warranty)
  • About 10x lighter than other systems
  • Designed for outdoor and indoor spaces
  • Automatic built-in irrigation system
  • 24-48 hour turn-around service
  • Green wall panels have a Lifetime warranty

Designer’s Assistance

We pride ourselves on the success of our customers & the satisfaction of our consumers. Our commitment to quality and service is the principal of our success. We hand pick all the plants we use for each project. We also work with local distributors which allows farmers to focus their efforts on the farm while providing broader access and plant options to our clients. We share consumer trends with our growers which helps to guide their crop planning and thus allows you to get the best quality plants for your dream green wall.

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