Green Walls in Miami

The harmony of modernity and nature Advancing with purpose

What We Do

We are reintroducing humanity to its natural landscape one green wall at a time, by transforming urban spaces into oases designed to captivate and motivate

Why We Do It

With a staggering population of 7.7 billion people in the world, and counting, humanity has become dramatically urbanized. As our cities expand and our buildings climb to greater heights to scrape the skies, we are farther removed from the essential benefits of nature.

How We Do It

Sustainable Design & Intelligent Construction
Typical installments are constructed in six easy steps over the course of two days. Two days to reinvigorate and bolster the aesthetic of your space.

Day One
1. Design Consultation
2. Wall Panel Mounting
3. Running of the Irrigation Line
Day Two
4. Introduce Plants to Soil
5. Drainage Connection
6. Full Ecosystem Check

Green Wall Benefits

Green walls are an attractive and effective means to combating the symptoms of increased urbanization. Every project makes the world a little bit greener and us all breathe a little bit easier. Residential and commercial properties alike benefit from the addition of a green wall while helping the planet along the way.

Improved Air Quality

Combat Urban Heat Island Effect

One of a Kind Branding

Increased Property Value

Increased Biodiversity

Stress Reduction


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