Our Story


Company Mission

Our mission is to provide accessibility to design natural spaces for homes, businesses, and special events.

Andromeda District sets the standard for beautiful green wall designs and plants that can positively transform a living space. We aim to make these walls more affordable and accessible to the public so everyone can enjoy nature. We strive to provide our clients with high-quality green wall solutions that they will be proud to display. When we see dull interiors or outdoor spaces lacking in color, we step in to revive the boring expanse with life-renewing greenery.

Who We Are

We were founded by Jonathan Taylor, in the midst of a profound spiritual awakening, honoring creation and celebrating design. Andromeda District is the peak of generations of agricultural entrepreneurship.

Jonathan Taylor is a family man and the founder of Andromeda District. He has plans to continue growing the company so every client he meets can experience the beauty of his proprietary green wall system. With his main shop located in Coral Gables, Jonathan provides local residents with awe-inspiring green wall designs and beautiful exotic plants for their respective projects. With a patented green wall system that Jonathan designed, he has installed various green wall projects across the country, including the largest green wall system in North America.

Our Slogan

“A new generation for green living” is our company slogan and these words define our purpose. Our company culture is based on John 15: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” Simply put, love one another through natural spaces is what we have strive to do with Andromeda District products and services. Nature is a gift that keeps on giving and enhances our lives and spirits.

For three generations, our family has been helping people find harmony with the natural world in their places of business and homes. We started with plants, then pots, and then revolutionized the industry with our patented vertical garden system. We now make connecting with nature easier than ever before, and our clients are satisfied with the work we do. We have introduced our new modular green-wall system that is proudly made from recycled plastic right here in the United States. It’s simple to install, easy to manage, and most importantly, it's affordable, so everyone that wants one can have one.

Our system works like building blocks that transform any wall or surface into a beautiful natural space. Our green wall cubbies can be flipped so you can arrange your garden in any space vertically or even horizontally. They are all equipped with proper drainage and are designed to work with drip irrigation, so you know your plants always get the right amount of water.

Our Love for Nature

Our clients can choose the plants they like and best suit their needs from our curated selection of indoor and outdoor plants. Andromeda District believes in a new era of green living, and the company is gradually expanding to cater to more urban areas that are in need of our green wall systems. With the growing expanse of cities and urbanization, nature can sometimes be forgotten or reduced to an afterthought. Our business is deeply involved with bringing nature into those cities and adding positivity and beauty to otherwise dull structures.

Our love for nature also stems from the benefits our green wall systems provide, such as helping the environment. Plants help filter air while also reducing the amount of carbon monoxide and other air-borne pollutants that can be harmful.

The Vine and the Branches

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