Andromeda Creates the Largest Greenwall Installation

Andromeda District has hit a new milestone and we couldn’t be more excited about its upcoming unveiling. We were recently commissioned by the Brassfield & Gorrie contracting company to install over 4,000 square feet of green walls for the Marriott’s newest addition to their “Luxury Collection” in Downtown Nashville. The Joseph Hotel, constructed by the renowned Pizzuti Companies real estate development firm, will be an instant Nashville tourist destination for its location, beauty in architecture, and distinguished decor. We’re ecstatic that the green walls that we installed will be seen by such a large, diverse audience that the Joseph Hotel is certain to draw.

Our Largest Green Wall Project to Date 

This wouldn’t be the first time that Andromeda District has partnered with a commercial business or luxury hotel. We have been commissioned by luxury hotel chains and distinguished boutique hotels in the past, but the Joseph Hotel project was by far our most ambitious project to date. What the Joseph Hotel project represents to the world of architecture and design is that green walls are no longer solely niche passion projects for designers who are dedicated to the fusion of nature and architecture — they are now an essential part of the construction landscape. 

The Project Specs

The Andromeda District Joseph Hotel project represents one of the largest displays of vertical vegetation in the United States. Here are the details:

  • Total Surface Area: 4,350 square feet
  • Number of Green Living Walls: 7 
  • Number of Individual Plants: 38,700
  • Number of Plant Specimens Used in the Project: 21
  • Locations of the Green Walls: The reception area, the convention hall, the pool area, and the spa area.
  • Anticipated Unveiling Date: August 25, 2020
  • Address: 401 Korean Veterans Blvd, Nashville, TN 37203

Our goal with this living green wall installation was to create an inviting atmosphere, adding a romantic element to existing modern architecture and landscape of the region. Each green wall used a variety of 21 plant specimens producing a dreaming display of foliage, textures, colors, and biodiversity.

Our Vision for the Project

Because this was such a high-profile project, we realized the significance, not just for Andromeda District, but for the vertical green wall industry as a whole. The Joseph Hotel is a state-of-the-art tribute to luxury and modern architecture, so it was essential that our green walls amalgamated with the construction without overpowering the space. By providing us with seven locations to install our vertical vegetation, the hotel designers allowed a continuity of design that permeates throughout the building. We believe that the Joseph Hotel stands as a monument to the art of incorporating living walls into large-scale construction projects. 

Why Andromeda District was Commissioned

For years, Andromeda District has been placing lush green walls in businesses and residences. We have installed well over 120,000 square feet of vertical green area, along with the irrigation and drainage systems required to service these gardens. We have a solid portfolio containing countless successful projects. Our plant walls are guaranteed for a lifetime and they require little to no maintenance. While we were excited about the prospects of such a substantial project, our team has long been anticipating taking on larger installations and with greater frequency. We believe that the Joseph Hotel display will help to usher in a new era of architecture, and Andromeda District intends to be a major player in this green revolution. 

Contact Our Green Wall Design Team

If you are considering adding a green wall to your existing space or incorporating vertical vegetation into your construction design, Andromeda District is ready to accept new projects. Contact us to discuss your vision and to develop an exciting new concept.