For Cancer Warriors


Many cancer warriors say that the moment when their doctor told them that they have cancer was the worst moment of their lives. It is a psychological blow to the psyche. It is devastating news, and it takes time to fully contemplate how this is going to impact your life. 

But rather than being an end of something, it is the beginning of an epic journey that will be life-changing. The doctors and surgeons will do their part but you have a huge role to play as well. Your attitude, the way you take care of yourself, the support you receive, the love you give, and the love you get will make a difference in your recovery. 

Nature Can Be Found Everywhere

According to several research studies, spending time in the wilderness has the power to alleviate anxiety and stress. One of the largest studies was conducted using a survey population of 20,000 people. It concluded that spending an average of two hours a week in nature improved happiness and lowered stress. The subjects also experienced improvement in their overall health. However, you don’t need a wilderness to explore. Nature’s benefits are yours just by being next to a vertical garden wall in the middle of a city or at work. 

Being in nature, or close by, reminds you that you are part of a much larger picture. When you are consumed by fear and worry because your health is compromised, nature can help you achieve a sense of peace and quiet the noise in your head. It helps to take your mind off of frightening thoughts and gives you a window of time to forget your battle. It raises your spirits and nudges you toward being in tune with the universe. 

You don’t need a forest. You don’t have to hike in the woods. Green spaces like vertical garden walls will do if you are in an urban environment. Being close and connected to nature is recommended for everyone, not just those diagnosed with cancer. It will improve your quality of life no matter what situation you find yourself in. If you are fighting cancer, integrating nature, as well as physical activity, healthy eating, and spiritual practice, will work with your immune system to make you stronger. 

Everyone Can Benefit

Being close and connected to nature is a recommended lifestyle for everyone, not just those diagnosed with cancer. It can contribute to an overall improved quality of life. Just to hammer home the point, spending time in nature improves short-term memory, relieves stress, reduces inflammation in the body, improves concentration, improves cognitive functioning and mental health, and there is research that indicates that it stimulates the production of anti-cancer proteins. The boosted levels of these proteins may last up to seven days after some time in or close to nature. In short, the health effects of a green environment demonstrate a strong connection between nature and longer, healthier lives. 

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