Is It Time to Detox Your Business?


China has come up with a particularly interesting idea. To de-stress and retune an exhausted workforce, they have instituted a detox process. However, this detoxing does not involve drugs or alcohol. The employees simply go into a forest for an entire day with no electronics and sit there, effectively leaving the world of constant communication, computer addiction, and concrete for the world of nature sounds and scenery. 

There has been a lot of research which indicates that as humans, we have an innate connection with nature. Being in close proximity to nature helps us to relax, breathe more deeply, and reduce stress. Biophilia is the name for this relationship. Andromeda Design is committed to removing the barrier between the indoors and the outdoors by introducing elegant and effective solutions to the harsher effects of urbanization. 

Unfortunately, I Don’t Live Near a Forest

Of course, in an increasingly urbanized society, it may be difficult or impossible to find a forest to get lost in. We work, we go home to our families, we take our kids to school, and transport them to their weekend and after school activities. It’s challenging to find a location where you can rest your mind and revitalize your spirit when most of your time is devoted to your everyday responsibilities. 

Don’t lose hope. Andromeda District can bring the forest to you, or at least provide you with all the benefits of a day in the forest. We believe that every office building, garage, hospital, clinic, and school should have at least one vertical garden wall. Research shows that just a few minutes near a vertical garden wall can accomplish most of the benefits of a day in the forest. 

Scotland’s Health Initiative

Since October 5, 2018, doctors in Shetland, Scotland are writing a new type of prescription for their patients. They are prescribing nature. It is the first program of its kind in the United Kingdom and it was instituted to reduce blood pressure, decrease anxiety and stress, reduce aggression, improve pain control, boost the immune system, and increase happiness for those with diabetes, mental illness, and heart disease. 

Every Office Needs a Vertical Garden Wall

Greenery in a workspace

All of us need time to release the stress we experience from working forty hour or more weeks. Our bodies need rest and relaxation. Just as we cannot function without sleep, we cannot keep going without revitalizing our bodies and our brains. 

Businesses Love Andromeda Design

Let us design, install, and maintain a living, breathing, beautiful garden that not only adds an elegant aesthetic to your business, but helps your employees to be more productive and keeps office morale high. Your return on investment is substantial and you and your employees will reap many of the benefits of a day in the forest with just a few minutes next to a vertical garden wall. Come visit our showroom and let us show you how easily and cost-effectively we can create the perfect mini-environment.

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