Mental Health and the Green Movement

Here’s hoping all your days are great… but we both know that all of them will not be great. Some days will go badly. Stress and anxiety plague all of us sometimes. And sure, there’s lots of ways to handle it. Some healthy for you; some not. Healthcare professionals agree, de-stressing is imperative. If you’re not into eating boatloads of chocolate or indulging in drugs or alcohol, I have a great idea backed by years of scientific research and guaranteed to improve your perspective. Find a park, or beach, or any place where nature is close, including a simple vertical garden wall, for example, and breathe. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, it will be enough.

Being close to nature alleviates stress and anxiety. And you don’t have to hike in the mountains or get lost in a forest. A vertical garden alive with healthy and vibrant plants will do the trick. More and more architects, builders, and designers are making sure to include vertical walls in both indoor and outdoor structures. 

Urban Living is Stressed Living

Urban life propels us through crowds of people where anything can happen. Freeway driving forces us to be on guard at all times. Work responsibilities and deadlines wake us up at 3:00 am in a panic. No wonder we are all exhausted. We are constantly responding to all of these stimuli and like a computer running out of space, we get sluggish and eventually, we break down. Natural scenes elicit warm and positive emotions and help our minds to focus. A limited experience of nature is powerful enough to help people suffering from PTSD and other chronic and acute mental health issues. 

Is Your Desktop a Nature Photo?

Have you ever asked yourself why we put up pictures of the outdoors on our office walls? It’s because we instinctively know that working indoors, sometimes without windows, can make us feel claustrophobic. It’s why we have indoor plants decorating our homes and workspaces. Studies also show that morale improves, absenteeism decreases, and productivity increases when plants are introduced into a work environment. 

Children: The Biggest Benefactors of Nature

In recent times, children are spending most of their time indoors. They are on their phone, iPad, laptop, or computer, both in school and out of school. In response to several educational research studies suggesting that contact with nature is important for a child’s mental, emotional, and social health, many schools are now providing nature experiences as part of the school curriculum. Over 2 million children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Research has shown that the symptoms of ADD are reduced by activities in green settings as well as drug-based and behavioral interventions. 

Mental Health and Green Living 

There are easy and economical ways to incorporate nature into your everyday life. Vertical gardens, green roofs, and other features can be incorporated into building design both inside and outside. Andromeda District is dedicated to making the world greener one wall at a time. Our family traditions dictate that the path we follow in life include nature so our business is committed to helping create a greener, and healthier, world. 

Come into our showroom and take a look at what we can do for your home or business. (And we can do it in a couple of days for a an extremely cost-effective price point.) We love what we do and you will love it too. Spend some time with us. You’ll be glad you did. 

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