No Place Like Home

We have been notified. Stay home to stay safe. Now is the time to enjoy the simpler things in life. Slow down and take a deep breath. Chill. Sounds easy but as many people can tell you, it’s a new way of living that some Americans are finding very hard to adhere to. 

You can make staying home a satisfying experience if you know how. We at Andromeda District believe that being able to enjoy a living vertical garden wall in or outside your home will help. We also believe that your attitude is the difference between boredom and fulfillment. 

Take Our Advice

Instead of succumbing to stress and uncertainty, we must become aware that we are all connected despite great physical distances. The connection extends to all living things in the universe, including animals and nature. 

The Japanese have a name for taking time to appreciate life’s beauty, Hanami, which means watching blossoms. To reap the benefits of a vertical green living garden wall is to sit still and breathe deeply and realize that although this is an uncertain time, there exists many certainties in the universe. The sun rises and sets each day, seasons come and go each year, and nothing is forever.

Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

The coronavirus has changed daily life for each of us, but not forever. Each year, cherry blossoms bloom in Japan and the Japanese come out of their homes to celebrate the season. The sole purpose of this visual celebration, Sakura, is to appreciate the exquisite beauty of the cherry blossoms when they bloom. They know the Sakura season is only two weeks, which makes the annual event even more impactful. If the cherry blossoms bloomed all year long, their presence would not be as precious. Hanami is free, open to anyone of any age, and you can do it from anywhere for as long as you want. 

Making Your Home Your Sanctuary

Eventually we will be back to our regular lives, going to work, meeting in restaurants and clubs, and enjoying each other’s company. Until then, make your home a place where you can recoup your psychological losses and recharge your energy. Bring nature into your home environment. Andromeda District can help you by designing and installing a visual feast for your eyes. Whether you want a tropical design with vibrant colors or a modern motif in shades of green to fit with your lifestyle, we can make it happen.

Our inspiration comes from the awareness that just as plants need the sun, soil, and water to grow, humans need contact with the natural environment to flourish. We are the experts in creating, installing, and maintaining living green vertical garden walls for any budget. From a small herb garden to a large commercial space, our process is adaptable to your needs.

Visit Our Showroom

Visit our Miami showroom and let us introduce you to the breathtaking simplicity of a gorgeous living vertical garden wall. Although it is very rare for cherry blossoms to bloom in Florida, thousands of other flowers and plants do. Let us help you make your home a sanctuary. Whenever the worst is over, we will be waiting for you.  

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