Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster

Mother Nature Has Lost Her Temper

It looks like Mother Nature has lost her temper. Like a mom whose kids refuse to behave, she is showing us what our bad behavior has brought about.

It’s not as if natural disasters are new to this century. But now wildfires are out of control, water systems have failed all over the country, sea levels are rising, it is difficult to breathe in many cities in China, and the ocean is fast becoming a garbage dump. If the ice continues to melt at the rate its melting now, cities like Miami, New York, and Venice, Italy may soon be underwater.

I think the message she is attempting to communicate is loud and clear. Hey humans, clean up your act. Pay attention to this planet because it is your home. 

New Innovations and a Greener World

Thankfully, construction materials and technologies are being produced with our changing climate needs in mind. We are nothing if not resilient and we can choose to turn a disaster into an opportunity for improving our world. We can rebuild using all our resources to create a model of sustainability.

Building Materials

The type of materials chosen at the beginning of a building project impacts sustainability. We want to save money and energy, improve resilience as it relates to fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and make those materials non-toxic, reusable, and renewable. We must continue to look for ways to improve our quality of life. 

No plant is fireproof but choosing fire-resistant plants that have a high moisture content and a low level of oil in their leaves is helpful. Fire-retardant trees can trap the embers of approaching fires. We can plant trees, start community gardens, and install vertical gardens to accommodate the impact of urbanization. Green walls cool down the inside of buildings, decrease the toxins in the air, lower humidity, and absorb emissions from gas-powered vehicles.

Green Buildings

A ‘green’ building is a building that was designed, constructed, and is operating to reduce the negative impact of climate change and preserve natural resources. It is a building that:

  • Uses energy and water efficiently
  • Uses recycling to reduce pollution
  • Has good indoor air quality
  • Uses ethical and sustainable materials
  • Considers the natural environment in its design and construction
  • Considers the quality of life for the building’s occupants 
  • Has a design that can easily adapt to changes in the environment 

It doesn’t matter what kind of building or structure it is or where it is located. Countries have different cultures, traditions, natural resources, and climate differences which dictate how they can incorporate their resources into greener and more sustainable construction and help their communities to prosper. 

Start Today

Andromeda District is proud of their contribution to making a greener and better world. Visit our Miami showroom and let us introduce you to the gorgeous simplicity of a living vertical garden wall. The journey of a thousand steps begins with one small step. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Begin today in your own home or business. It’s much easier than you think and we are here to help. 

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