The Benefits of Indoor Plants

I won’t bore you with the hundreds of research projects done in the last ten years that definitively show plants as vitally important to the health of every human being, animal, and organism. I’ll just mention that including live plants in your indoor environment accomplishes many goals, including:
  • Lowering your risk of illness
  • Helping you feel better emotionally
  • Promoting healing in hospitals
  • Providing cleaner air
  • Enhancing your memory and concentration

And by the way, they add a design element to the interior of your home for very little investment and almost no maintenance on your part. 

So, we can stipulate that having plants in your life contribute to a healthier, calmer, more productive, and visually pleasing perspective on life. You can start by putting a plant on your desk at work. Indoor air pollution increases your risk for stroke, ischemic heart disease, COPD, respiratory infections in children, and even lung cancer. Being in or near nature helps to mitigate and sometimes even remove those environmental risks.

Make the Indoors More Like the Outdoors

Since you spend on the average approximately 80 to 90 percent of your time indoors, this seems like an easy way to get mild detoxification benefits in your home and office. Plants are an air purifier and can remove dangerous substances found in furniture and clothing, as well as remove 10 percent of the carbon dioxide in the air. Plants help increase air humidity which minimizes dry air and dust in the room. 

I Have a Photo of Nature on My Desk

The research also indicates that some of those same benefits derived from having plants close by can be achieved simply by looking at a photograph of the outdoors. While that may be true, to attain the maximum effect from having plants in your indoor environment, it pays to have a real living plant, or several plants, close by. As far as anyone can tell, there is no downside to having plants in your home. 

Andromeda District Into the Future

We here at Andromeda District all share the same goal. We want to make sure that the world becomes greener… one wall at a time. By 2030, we envision a world where there are plants occupying every empty space. We want every hospital and every school to have living vertical garden walls. We want every clinic and mental health facility to have living vertical garden walls. We are on a crusade to help our environment as much as possible. It is in our blood to do so because we have been doing it for over 125 years. It is our tradition, and finally, the technology has caught up to us and has made our vision easily obtainable. Depending on the design, we can install our walls in as little as two days and for a very competitive price point.

Come into our showroom and experience the beauty and meditative qualities that make our green projects calming, comforting, and captivating. Join our green warrior team by making your home, your business, and your world a little more in keeping with what Mother Nature has in mind.


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