Urban Agriculture

Over the past decade, the idea of making inner-city, downtown, and suburban areas peri-urban in landscape has grown in popularity. Those who start a small garden in their backyards to non-profit organizations teaching children the importance of self-sustainability with community gardens, urban agriculture is spreading throughout the U.S. It’s recognized as more than just a trend. It’s taught as a lifestyle that can help our planet and possibly save lives. The United States Department of Agriculture, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, encourages people of all communities to put these projects together. And with our expertise, we can help bring your plant based vision to life.

Places in colder climates like Chicago have agricultural programs—one for ex-convicts and military veterans transitioning back into the civilian world called “The Farm on Ogden.” Located in the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, it employed hundreds of people and harvested well over 11 tons of edible greenery with their urban agriculture movement. A separate group that hired high school interns to work the land was in St. Paul, Minnesota, “Urban Roots.” This second group reaped thousands of pounds of produce while teaching kids hard work, responsibility, and the importance of being in nature. There are dozens, if not hundreds of organizations forming to do their part. Andromeda District would love to add to your story of positive change and healthy choices.

Growing Trees

Living wall projects can go into community works that provide more than a few acres of farmland. There are areas in cities the size of parks, having at least 50 acres of space that isn’t being utilized. A green wall can house along its sections rows of pots, acting as nurseries for trees in their seedling and sapling stages. A few green walls could help incubate a forest like area in a decade or so. And depending upon the owner of said land and the climate, they could grow edible plants such as apples, citrus fruits like grapefruits, mangos, certain types of nuts and more.

A section filled with trees will definitely help reduce the carbon emissions killing us slowly. In any biology textbook it’s explained how trees release oxygen, so having a green wall that produces more of what keeps us alive and healthy can never be a bad thing. A living wall dedicated to growing trees can aide in other urban planting projects by adding to the biodiversity of an area. The natural arrangement of cherry blossoms, orchids, hibiscus and other colorful flowers can add life to dreary places. At different seasons, if the trees these flowers grow on are planted, you will be able to marvel at specifics ones when their in bloom.

Our Role In Urban Agriculture

Andromeda District is willing to go above and beyond, so your objectives are properly met when it comes to planting for a more progressive tomorrow. We are a manufacturer and installer of sustainable organic living wall systems, plant holders, and living columns. We can assist with the designs and teach you additional information that took us over a century to master. The plants can be on a wall, in a field, on a roof, around the home or along sections of an office— AD has established a mark around Miami as a top planter in urban agriculture.

We have put up walls for people who stay in high rise condos and office buildings. Andromeda District has also taught people how to create and formulate their own living walls. These DYI types are given all the information we can spare, as if they were members of our family. The richness found in the tribe of mankind can only be fueled with trust. So with your confidence in us, your manual self-installation green façade, living wall, traditional garden or potential orchard can come to life with you supervising each part of the process.

To ensure our species survives, those of us who can grow sustainable vegetation are brothers and sisters with a mission. Combating future famine and depleted resources is a movement that must become a thing of primacy—urging communities to do more than just recycle cans, papers and plastics. Through our website, on the phone or via social media, just contact us, and we’ll be ready to go once you’ve told us what your project entails.

There are other companies that may have recently decided to offer green walls, and other vertical garden projects. But not many can guarantee our years of work, knowledge, and passion. We are dedicated and true to our core beliefs that sustainable plant life will do a lot in terms of saving our planet. Andromeda District doesn’t see this as a fad, trend or get-rich-quick scheme. This is what we are, and what we’ve been doing. And if there’s still human life on earth, we shall continue to service this planet with your green installations.