Why Do Green Living Walls Matter?

Green Living Walls are not a new concept; people might know the better as vertical gardens. A Green Living Wall is a system of panels that hold plants onto a wall. This basic idea creates beautiful works of art, like the vertical garden on the right


Green walls can trace their history all the way back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. The modern history of green walls is not well-documented but it is noted Professor Stanley Hart White at the University of Illinois patented the modern vertical garden in 1938. Patrick Blanc worked with architect Adrien Fainsilber and engineer Peter Rice to implement the first indoor green wall in 1986 in Paris.


The Green and Sustainable Industry contribution to the economy is estimated to be at 175.26 billion dollars. Green Living Walls share in this industry and are leading force in the eco-friendly market. The aesthetics of vertical gardens are not the only thing that makes them so great, but also their healthy benefits. Yes actually, Green Living Walls are good for your well-being!


According to a scientific study conducted by Dr. Chris Knight and his fellow psychologists, from Exeter University. They have been studying the effects of plants in offices for 10 years. They concluded; employees were 15% more productive when workplaces are filled with plants. This serves as another reason why more businesses need to incorporate natural beauty into their office spaces.


The demand for Green Living Walls is growing. Andromeda District is here not only to deliver on that demand, but also to grow that demand! We wish to see everyone engaging in our vision of more eco-friendly word.


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