Green Wall Benefits

Welcome to Your Ecological UtopiaThe Green Wave of the Future… NOW

An ecological utopia is a society that works in harmony with nature. What do you need from your environment? A haven and refuge from the stress of the modern world? A shelter from the storm, real or metaphorically? A beautiful view? Andromeda District is dedicated to providing the world, or a small piece of it, with all of the above. We are committed to reincorporating nature into our everyday lives and making the world, and your life, greener. In as little as two days, we can bring nature back into your life by transforming your space. From small herb gardens to large commercial projects, our low-maintenance and renewable vertical gardens will reconnect you with the natural beauty and lushness of the outdoors

Andromeda District: Combating the Threat of Climate Change

Andromeda District uses texture and tone, harmonies and complementing patterns, color, and an elegant design aesthetic when designing your vertical gardens. We work with you to create the perfect space in your home or business. Being around healthy living plants helps us to relax and promotes creativity while increasing morale. But make no mistake about it, vertical gardens have many more benefits than simply their visual appeal. Living vertical garden walls:

  • Improve indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Stabilize humidity levels
  • Provide fresh air
  • Reduce ‘urban heat island effect’
  • Reduce noise
  • Provide urban agriculture

Economically, vertical garden walls:

  • Increase your property value
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Help to distinguish your brand in the marketplace, especially in the real estate market

Our Connection to Nature

From conception to installation, to maintenance, we are with you every step of the way. Our family’s traditions go back 125 years. Our longevity, love, and dedication to the environment has helped us to streamline our system using a wide variety of plants to design and create our living garden walls while keeping the cost per square footage more than competitive.


The combined advantages of green walls lead to an overall increase in property value. Property owners can cite the reduced energy costs, aesthetic appeal and visible dedication to sustainability green walls evoke as unique advantages of their property over the competition.

Vertical Gardens are an extension of the natural environment. They can restore the habitats of butterflies, hummingbirds, and many beneficial insects. They can also hide unattractive spaces and transform underused areas into useful areas. Best of all, Andromeda District has made vertical gardens simple to install and maintain.

Human beings need and look for connections with other forms of life. Having a living vertical garden wall demonstrates that you are engaged in making the world a better place. Contact the company that bridges the gap between people and nature.

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