Biophilic Design Store Grand Opening!

We've had a dream for years to create a SPACE where people learn more about nature and about bringing nature into their everyday life.

But it always seemed like a dream for in the future...


Hands working with green living wall


As the Covid 19 pandemic changed 2020 for all of us, we saw first hand how powerful plants and natural spaces were! They helped people cope, heal, and breathe. Natural spaces inspired us, even as the world around was full of anxiety, stress, and loss.

Our mission has always been to help people build a harmonious relationship with nature in the urban worlds. So far this has looked like building green living walls and designing planters and natural spaces. We've worked with hundreds of incredible homeowners and businesses to bring the benefits of nature to their space. But we've always yearned to share our plants, biophilic design, and love for nature in a more intimate way..

So… we brought everything we love under one roof!

We're excited to ANNOUNCE this weekend we're having the GRAND OPENING to our first brick-n-mortar store. It's filled with plants, friendly and clean, and ready to serve the Miami community!


New Plant Grand Opening Flyer Nov 2


Located in Coral Gables right on US 1, this is not just a plant nursery. It is a BIOPHILIC DESIGN STORE.  It's a place to learn how to bring nature into your daily life.

You’ll be able to shop for plants and gifts, experience our world-class green living wall system, and learn more about leading innovation in biophilic design.

We INVITE YOU to come celebrate with us. Come enjoy the benefits of nature and hear experience our vision for a greener, more plant-filled world. 

As a special THANK YOU, the first 100 guests will receive a free plant of their choice with their purchase.

Come, bring your mask, and celebrate with us!

Saturday, November 21


Grand Opening Event Invite